Within the Labyrinth

by Quest for Serenity

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released March 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Quest for Serenity Gloucestershire, UK

Quest for Serenity has released 4 albums with a continuing theme collectively entitled 'The Labyrinth Chronicles'. Albums 1-3 are atmospheric black metal with the latest album, 'Moonlight Worship' ambient black metal.

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Track Name: A Life Lost

Memories of old,
So long ago,
From another place,
...still in control.

A different time,
When calm was mine,
I still remember,
Those long lost days.

Gone from me,
Life, love, peace,
No rest now,
Only pain & grief.

My search begins,
In darkness beyond,
Where no life dwells,
To find peace again.
Come back to me.
Come back to me.
Track Name: Plagued

Day after day,
Night after night,
Struggling in pain,
No end in sight.

Longing for peace,
So far away,
Only in death,
The final release?

Hours pass away,
Poisoned by this blight,
Writhing, rancid state,
Needing still to fight.

Waters rise,
Out of control,
Swept away again.
Losing my grip,
Drowning inside,
Invaded, infected, plagued.

Arcanum dilemma,
Illusive equation,
Dominant forces,
Final eradication.

Forward momentum,
Weakness to strength,
Mental reversal,
Chaos to end.

Hoping for release,
Never given in,
Searching endlessly,
One day to win.
Track Name: Endless

So long in this state,
Never-ending pain.
Inner battle lost again,
Bound in these chains.
Will I see the day,
When I am free?
Sadness and despair,
Calling out to me.

Will this ever end?
Can I take control?
Feelings ruling me,
Endless is their name.
Weak I stagger on,
Once more to remain.
In their grip so tight,
Inside chaos reigns.
Track Name: The Quest

An unseen Hand guides my way,
Across these mountains I must traverse,
Doubt and fear brought me here,
But not left alone in my hurt.

Through deep valleys I now walk,
Places that no one has ever seen,
Over hills, through dark caverns,
No-one knows where I've been.

A quiet cave I took my rest,
A moment to find some sweet relief,
In the darkness I could see,
The shape of One who's guiding me.

Searching till my mind is tired,
On this quest for calm & peace,
Maybe one year, maybe more,
But hope has not deserted me.
Track Name: Within the Labyrinth

I search for the talismans,
On the labyrinth floor,
Only trust, strength & discipline,
Will unlock the final door.

Slowly I wind my way,
Searching endlessly within,
Hoping to find the answer,
And live in peace again.

I find one, then another,
With many years in-between,
Revealed by my Counsellor,
The One who leads but is unseen.

Wielding their changing power,
I struggle in weakness & pain,
My will, it must be stronger,
Or in this place I will remain.

Within this Labyrinth I dwell,
This my home for now,
To learn the wisdom I need,
To find an answer to heed.

Knowing the precious answer,
To cure my troubled mind,
Is only just the beginning,
Ever more strength I must find.
Track Name: Metamorphosis

When I looked,
I saw my way,
I hang my head,
I know my fate.
Years of worry,
Years of fear,
Embedded behaviour,
My enemy is near.

Transformation within,
The only way to win,
The mind altered, changed.
The flesh, the battle, the sin.


Changing inside,
Straining to fly,
Drowning again,
Need to ascend.
Emotions confined,
Restricted, denied,
Need for release,
Will power must rise.

Harder than birth,
Stronger than death?
The mind's lethal grip,
Knowing no rest,
Trained reaction,
Needs trials & tests,
Mental malfunction,
No end to this quest.

Rebirth begins,
Stirring inside,
Straining to change,
No longer to hide.
Weakness restricts,
Failures & sins,
Guilt & fear,
Subconscious wins.

Track Name: Emergence