Moonlight Worship

by Quest for Serenity

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released April 13, 2013



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Quest for Serenity Gloucestershire, UK

Quest for Serenity has released 4 albums with a continuing theme collectively entitled 'The Labyrinth Chronicles'. Albums 1-3 are atmospheric black metal with the latest album, 'Moonlight Worship' ambient black metal.

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Track Name: The Awakening
Track Name: Apparitions from the Mist
In the dark,
Beyond the lakes,
Something stirs,
Something wakes.
Across this land,
A living mass,
Comes to life,
As one again.

Form of spectres,
Ghouls & ghosts,
Twisting shapes,
Movements slow.
Groans and screams,
Howls & cries,
From the mist,
Into the skies.

In the past,
Inner pain,
They were transformed,
From weakness & shame.
Made a pact,
To rise again,
On this night,
Each year passed.
Track Name: Pathways of the Guided
Long days,
Haunted nights,
Needing change,
Inner fight.
Weak-willed mess,
Unstable body writhes,
Rarely in control,
Never seen to rise.

Mind dull,
Learning slow,
Fear rules,
Constant flow.
Progress almost nil,
Wanting just to hide,
Afraid of progress price,
Patient Teacher guides.

Pathways of the guided,
Will power to assert.
Pathways of the guided,
Love's power in control.

Often fail,
Backward step,
Courage lost,
Strain to fly.

Mental alteration,
Pains of rebirth.
Mortal restoration,
Mind, body & soul.
Track Name: Forgotten Sorrows
Track Name: Night Watch
Watcher of the skies,
I wait for the time,
To make my rallying cry,
For all to assemble.
As the clouds go by,
I stand & watch on high,
Entrusted with this task,
That which I will not fail.

On this special night,
Sacred to our rite,
Soon we gather in praise,
Of the One of power & might.
The One who guides our path,
Who brought us back to life,
Awakened inner strength,
Made us whole again.
Track Name: The Call to Gather
Track Name: Moonlight Worship
I praise the One,
Who saved my life,
Through His shed blood,
I am made clean.

Through Him I am cleansed.
Through Him I am blessed.
Through Him I am healed.
Through Him I am saved.
Track Name: Final Prayers