Beyond the Labyrinth

by Quest for Serenity

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released December 12, 2012



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Quest for Serenity Gloucestershire, UK

Quest for Serenity has released 4 albums with a continuing theme collectively entitled 'The Labyrinth Chronicles'. Albums 1-3 are atmospheric black metal with the latest album, 'Moonlight Worship' ambient black metal.

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Track Name: The Shimmering
Track Name: Quest for Serenity
The day arrived,
The sense of loss was felt.
The time had come,
To leave all loves behind.
Rest no more,
Until I find the key.
Now set sail,
For a distant land.

Shall I not see,
The lights of home again?
Will we be together - never more?

Quest begins,
Unknown paths to tread.
For how long?
Will I find the end?
Foreign soil,
Strange & alien lands.
Distant cries,
I must heed their call.

Dark and light,
Day and night I'll spend,
In this maze,
Until my strength returns.
Snow and fog,
Delight and madness sends,
Will I find,
A guide to lead me on?
Track Name: Beyond the Labyrinth
Bound in this place,
Searching endlessly.
Hoping to find a way,
Back to peace one day.
Where the sun shines,
Where the trees sway,
Thoughts of calmer times,
Echo in my mind.

The path I tread,
Leads me to a place,
Never seen before,
Hope it rises again...
Could this be the end?
Could my quest be done?
Visions & dreams of home,
Dance in my mind.

A glimmer of light I see,
More wondrous to my eyes,
Than any created thing,
Seen for so long.
Towards the light I walk,
Through a crack I crawl.
Delight & joy abound,
My life begins anew?

A landscape I see,
Frost & snowy peaks.
My search is not over,
My quest it must go on.
'Where the sun shines,
Where the trees sway,
Thoughts of calmer times,
Echo in my mind.'
Track Name: Bathed in Moonlight
Daylight fades away,
The mountains hide the sun.
The frost begins to fall,
In this Arctic place.
Tired I stop to rest,
Weary from my search.
Darkness slowly falls,
Silence fills this land.

Beneath the moonlit sky,
All is quiet for now.
Bathed in moonlight I stand,
The beauty of this realm.

Joyful moment in time,
Respite from my quest.
Will to live may leave,
If not for moments like this.
Stillness in my mind,
Thoughts are cast away.
Beauty of creation,
Strength for another day.

Within this quiet place,
I worship & praise the One,
Who guides & leads me forth,
To bring me peace again.
Track Name: Frozen Silence
Track Name: Battle of the Will
Weak & lost within,
The strength to choose.
The gift of choice,
Neglected & abused.
A faint, distant voice,
Where once was strong.
The power of the will,
Diminished now gone.

The battle of the will,
Rages on within.
Refusing the defeat,
Trying all to win.
Regaining lost strength,
Stolen away by fear.
Will ever stronger,
Final victory near.

Self-inflicted fate,
Weak-minded mess.
Unstable mental ways,
Unable to maintain.
Tossed and blown away,
Never-ending waves.
Rising ever higher,
Washed away again.

Doubtful progress,
Successful outcomes brief.
Straining to be calm,
Subconscious to defeat.
Learned behaviour rules,
Must be overcome.
Distractions to ignore,
If battle to be won.
Track Name: Winter Fortress
Amidst the snow,
Of this arctic realm.
My eyes behold,
A sight forgot.
Love & home,
Calling me.
Offering hope,
In days of cold.

I make my way,
Through the snow.
In hope of refuge,
By its mighty walls.
A place for those,
Who've lost their way.
A welcome sight,
For those who've strayed.

As I approach,
My mind it clears,
My body calms,
Like years before.
I know this place,
From distant past.
I chose to leave,
But now I'm home.
Track Name: A New Dawn
Life of chaos ends,
Strongholds crashing down.
Pain & sweat no more,
The quest now is done.

Will power now strong,
Trust increased in love.
Calm & tranquil state,
Life begins anew.

Fear cast out by love,
Accepted care by God.
Completely secure within,
The world no longer ends.

Guided by His Hand,
To this place of peace.
Empowered & transformed,
The journey now complete.

Those who suffer,
Negative emotional state,
Strong will & trust,
In God's unfailing love.