Into A New Dimension

by Quest for Serenity

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released April 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Quest for Serenity Gloucestershire, UK

Quest for Serenity has released 4 albums with a continuing theme collectively entitled 'The Labyrinth Chronicles'. Albums 1-3 are atmospheric black metal with the latest album, 'Moonlight Worship' ambient black metal.

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Track Name: Beyond Known Boundaries
Track Name: Darkened Horizon
When I left,
I was sane,
Now I know,
Not my name.

In depths of sorrow,
And deepening pain,
The darkened horizon,
Calls my name.

So far away,
From my life,
Endless torment,
In chaos and strife.

Through dark galaxies,
And chasms of the mind,
I dwell in lost confusion,
A stronger grip that binds.

Hoping to find at last,
An answer to my quest,
A long journey of old,
Each man's secret dread.
Track Name: Intensive Search
Track Name: Inner Conflict
A battle in the mind,
Rages on and on,
A lack of mental strength,
Seems to be the cause.
Wrestling all the more,
But no progress found,
Sweating and trembling,
Not finding relief.

Within the confines,
Of the mind,
There takes place,
A violent war.
Who will win,
Is unknown,
But its end is,
Desired more and more.
Track Name: Unknown Entities
This foe I fight,
More stronger than I,
It runs the show,
Relentless it binds.
The more I try,
The more it fights,
Never to win,
Never to shine.

Ignorance of my plight,
It is myself I fight,
The stronger part of me,
My subconscious mind.
There to protect,
There to rule my life,
But if shown wrong ways,
Faithful it will be.

This unknown entity,
so long a mystery to me,
Forced me to always fail,
Many, many times.

It was the student,
Who was taught,
How I wanted to feel,
How I wanted to think.

Now it rules my mind,
Now it rules my body,
Against my will,
Against my will...
Track Name: Maximum Overload
Living in a mental storm,
Growing ever stronger,
One side pushes back,
The other dominates again.

Will this ever end?
Am I just fighting myself?
Maybe I should give up,
Maybe I should give in.

Come, take me away,
To the place you insist,
I can no longer fight,
I don't care anymore.

Destroy me as you wish,
I will no longer resist,
Dominate, subjugate,
My conscious will is broken.
I lie shattered, defeated,
By my own will,
My fate is sealed.
Track Name: Into A New Dimension
Track Name: The Undiscovered Country
This was the day,
I travel to a new place,
A new solution found,
To my problem now abounds.
Never could win this fight,
Self-created plight,
Myself to defeat,
But never to retreat.

Subconscious mind,
Reigns supreme,
Maintaining heartbeat,
Controlling pressure.
A faithful servant,
A faithful friend,
Nothing overcomes it,
Never to be beat.

This new country,
This new place,
Has brought to me,
A surprise victory.
Will power increasing,
Used in the wrong way,
Now carefully focused,
Guided by Divine Will.

A new example to set,
No longer to fight,
Instead to re-educate,
Will make all things right.
To follow a new pattern,
It will soon imitate,
Things will be different,
Finally I will regulate.
Track Name: Flight Of Victory